Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this site free of charge?

We provide absolutely free-of-charge access to the majority of the games because we want any user who visits our site to be able to enjoy and participate in these games. However, on a truly modest price, you can become a Pro Gamer and unlock many more fun, interesting and riveting games, that are reserved for our paid subscribers. Come the read how you can become Pro Player

How can I win a prize?

By joining the multi-player room and playing one-on-one interactive games, you would be able to win numerous prizes and attractive benefits. On top of that, a special monthly prize awaits the one who scores the highest on the current hottest game on the site. Learn more what it takes for you to be able to win prizes

How can I add my favorite games?

We have especially designed and placed a user bar for your convenience at the top of the portal game site. This is where you can add and save your Favorited games. See how you can use this personal User Panel

How can I register to receive information?

You have to login through your mail, But don't worry... If you log in through your Facebook account you always be able to add your mail at the Private zone!



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