User Panel Info

So, You a new player enter for the first time to the Site! You see the Home Page.

You have never played games or registered before... The User Panel Will be Blank for you Until you play the first Game... then this Game will be Saved for you on the top panel

When you get out of the site and return it back it will still waiting for you so you to remind you what game you enjoy playing! :)

For your convenience, let us learn more about the User panel:

  1. menu area of recent games special for each one of you gamer :) Now you can see every last game you played on the site and you can return to it in any case.
  2. SpicyGames will offer for you enthusiastic and attractive games such as crazy, funny games, and all that stands out! you can click on our "blanks" cards and play these games that more prominent than others!
  3. Maximum 10 cards will appear in a row depending on your screen size. As the count increases, the former will be replaced. Don't worry... You always can find those games again in other cards.
  4. You played a game you don't excite you enough..? you don't want this game card to stay in your User Panel...? No problem, you always can delete this card with the close icon!
  5. For the guests around us, this data will be saved as cookies in the browser so you will enjoy this information.
  6. For registered users, we save the information on your profile card. This will help us to understand during the time what games you more like and what empty cards will show you as a gamer and likely you more enjoyable to play!


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