About Us


Because sometimes we need a little spicy in our lives!

Spicygames.com is a portal with mini-games that was created for the entertainment and enjoyment of the people who like gaming. Our platform allows you to experience gaming from an entirely different perspective, being able to play anytime and anywhere.


How do we work as a team?

We have great communication. We are constantly improving and modifying the site in order to make it more comfortable and accessible, this really helps our gamers to find their comfort zone. We run a personal portal for gamers, to find their favorite games on a weekly basis!

Our strategy is to work as a team work and enjoy the process, this help us cover audiences that can enjoy exclusive games with excellent game experience. We aim into having a global gaming website!


There is no interactive in other portal games

As a player for many years, I can admit that I love playing mini-games that look like flash games, they are fun, easy to play and completely creative. When browsing the different portals games I noticed that they NOT provide interaction between the different games at the site, which sometimes is rather annoying for the player. But here, each game is brand new and related to the other games. I have always felt like a tourist on other sites... Our dream was to create portal games that feel fun and interactive, helping you escape the daily stress for a few minutes. Here, due to having lots of different games inside, the user can have a much more pleasant experience.


Changing the games industry to more interactive

We are great at what we do… Why? Because we build great games with original designs right in our studio and we will continue to do so. Our interactive site as you see it now required hours of work for the last months, but we are really happy with the outcome! One of our goals is to make the users “addictive” so they can keep coming back for more every time. Spicy-Games studio will upload games to the App-Store platform and in addition to that, we publish each game to our site at SpicyGames.com, making the games more interactive to one each other.


Our vision as a team

accessible, this really helps our gamers to find their comfort zone. We run a personal portal for gamers, to find their favorite games on a weekly basis!

An innovative and exciting team!
We aim to bring you games you won't find elsewhere, completely unique to us! Our surveys help us understand what the gamer really wants and how we can provide them with the desired games. We communicate and develop our technologies and knowledge to reach fun games.


When we are launching new Games?

Spicy Games team is working around the clock to make new games, without compromising any aspect of it. We have more than a dozen game developers and game designers that work together, with the goal of launching games frequently.
We also offer great games for subscript users, The benefit of Pro Gamer is: PRO GAMER - Access to entire boutique games and all upcoming
NO MORE AD - No more interruptions for you with commercials
MULTIPLAYER - Now you be able to play with friends and family multi-users games
GAME ON MOBILE - All Mobile supported games will be open on Mobile
TOURNAMENTS - Join tournaments and win cool prizes


Our innovative and exciting team looking new members!

Are you a game programmer?! You want customers to know your abilities? here in "Spicy Games” studio is the right place for you! We give most of the credit for income to the developer that builds the game. All revenue from the Game Page and we will take just a low percentage of the fee. Just like any self-respecting company. So if you like the concept of ours and want to make games for spicygames.com then come and join us to publish your game. Here you can read more about what we offer

Guy Kedar
Founder and ceo

An entrepreneur, who also happens to be game designer and animator, CreateJS developer and a crazy about flash games.

Anil Kumar

Senior developer with extensive experience in developing games for mobile and web.

Darshita Patel
html designer

An HTML designer that committed, passionate and loves what I’m doing

Piotr Sobotkowski
Game Development chief

An Old School flash games developer and 3d unity game developer


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