Flash is dead, baby… Flash is dead... It will always stay in our hearts…

We have dedicated this entire site for those who grew up playing these games. Old flash games!
Also, this site makes a room to accommodate new games like Unity, Construct, Phaser, and so on.

This has raised a lot of questions in the minds of old as well as new players.
We have attempted to answer those key questions.

General Questions

Well, yes, you can.
However, only users that login games with their Google or Facebook account, only then we can save your score for any game you play.
Also, you can return to the same game even after closing the site and return to the same game after a few days past.
It is quite easy.
Simply log in to the game site via Google or Facebook account. We will present the games that you have played at the Top User Panel.
Even if you resumed the game after a day or more.
The only information that we save about the user are:
  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Email

All of this information about the user remains on the site. User’s information or details will not be given to any third party without their approval.

You can contact us either by sending us a mail or message and call only in case of an emergency.
You can find our contact details here
You can access our unique and latest games.
You will enjoy playing games without any YouTube or Google ads.
Also, you can win many hot prizes and a lot more. Head on to this link to read more about benefits.

Financial Topics

First of all, welcome to Premier Pro Gamers :)
To become a Pro Gamer, all you need to do is to log in to the site through your Facebook or Google account.
Now go to pricing page and select any payment routes that suit you. click here to become a Pro Gamer
We are happy to do so! :)
We can label this game with your name as an author. To know more about the terms, click here!
Yes, you can.
Our site allows you to put your ads. You can promote your product or site easily on the SpicyGames site.
You can do it either through Google ads or YouTube ads. Or in a form of Article at news.spicygames.com Read more about it here!
Following are different ways to become a part of our organization:
  • You can send us your game. Click here to read more.
  • We can cooperate if you have a similar mini-site portal.
  • You can donate for SpicyGames. We will offer you a special game and label it with your name as a thank you gesture.
  • To find creative ways, contact us here.

Other Questions

It’s quite easy, just click here :)
Simply write the name of the game and briefly explain the bug. If you have a screenshot of it, we can easily rectify the issue.
You can cancel your subscription anytime but with a 30 days’ notice ahead.
Let us know about this via Email or any way that you find convenient. Your account will remain active throughout the notice period tenure after unsubscription.

Ask Any Question


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