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Majority of our games are free-of-cost as we want our users who visit this site to enjoy and easily take part in games. However, you have to pay a truly modest price to become a Pro Gamers and unlock more interesting and exciting games. We have reserved these games for our paid subscribers.

But why is it better for you to become a Pro Gamers of SpicyGames® ? If you love playing crazy and SpicyGames ® , you need to see our offers!

If you want to become a part of a family of SpicyGames® and contribute to our site, please support and help us get an honest player at

With a small of $3, you can enjoy our benefits that include:

  • More games
  • Ad-free games
  • Better prizes
  • All devices
  • Multiple players
  • Games with your name on after 6 months

  1. SpicyGames® do not charge any fee or any hidden charges from our New Gamers. However, there are multiple games which are locked that can be unlocked by simply upgrading the subscription.
  2. You can win a prize from our latest games in case you have a higher score In every competition of the month and one on one game.
  3. You can enjoy playing games without any disruption of ads on the site.
  4. Some of SpicyGames® can be played on PC only. If you love playing games on mobile, you can also enjoy your favorite games on mobile.
  5. You can play both one on one as well as multi-player games. We offer this facility where 5 players can play for each account so that you can enjoy your leisure time with your family and friends together.
  6. After 6 months of your membership with , you can request us for a special game. We will give your name to that specific game.

With these benefits, SpicyGames® is one of the best game sites for you!


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