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Are you a game developer? Or just like to make games for fun…?

We want you to Be part of the SPICYGAMES® family, we request you to help us with some of your imagination and skills. Rather than sitting idle on your couch, we want you to utilize your Sunday and share us an interesting game to feature on our site. Being one of the prominent names in the casual gaming industry, we have our approach across various Internets. Our team involves diverse developers belonging to various regions of the world.

Our vision at SPICYGAMES® company is to help you showcase your talent and make your game titles popular across the world. We nurture our relationship with talented game developers and offer them a great start in the industry.

Sponsorship For Developers

Our idea is to support authenticity, which is why we ask you to embrace the best of your imagination, so that we can share it with gamers across thousands of platforms.

Well, if you are willing to sponsor your game through SPICYGAMES® company, then make sure that you stand still on all these criterion.

1. Next Level Authenticity: It's is yours Graphis?

So the first thing you need to ensure is that, whether your game has a distinct mechanism or some bombshell to surprise the players. Or if the storyline or mechanism is somewhat similar to other, then try and make it more competitive, maybe through beholding interface and graphics.

You need to apply all the creativity you have and come up with something exciting and fun. Making it enjoyable, Make sure there is no major Bugs, it asks for engagement and a sense of accomplishment. And if your game has something like that, we welcome you with all hearts.

2. Should Be Feasible On PC and Mobiles: Same game should work both ways…

No matter, how interesting your game is, if it can't work on PC and mobile devices, it's of no use. However, if you bring us a compatible game, then you have certainly entered the world of Marvels filled with extensive fame.

3. Should Develop a Desire to Continue:

We don't want a game, that is just amusing for once, we are looking for the one that can offer an extra zeal of excitement, for every time one play's it. So, do you have a game that is simple yet amusing?

4. Should Offer Similar Experience To Mobile Users:

Compatible on mobile and desktop is not sufficient. Even if it is a small screen, we want our players to feel a similar thrill, they will have on their laptops or PCs. You need to ensure that your game is as extra-ordinary on mobile as it is on PC.

Have a look at some instructions given below and contact us for all your queries.

The Significant aspects, specially designed for HTML5 games

  1. The game needs to enable resizing feature, following variation in portrait and landscape modes. This is necessary, as the game must look engaging on all the screens, considering the variations in web browsers and devices.
  2. An important thing to mention here is, the game must not share linkage to any other site.
    In case, your game is already linked to other sites, then we might ask you to remove it from there, before offering our sponsorship. The sites include advertising sites as well, so please take that into consideration.
  3. The control scheme of your game should take mobile players along with desktop players into consideration. Hence, you need to ensure its feasibility on mobile as well as desktop devices.
  4. We hope you don't have any sort of 3rd party tracking on your games. If it is there, we would request you to kindly get it removed, as we do not appreciate any kind of spyware, tracking, or junk.
  5. We also need to know, whether the game has been developed by you or there is a team of developers. Kindly share with us all the details of your team as well.
  6. Once you have shared your game with us and have received the sponsorship, the game will be owned by us and you can be the authors of the game.
  7. Share us a link, so that we can ensure, if the game is available on any other platform or not.

Make Your Way To SPICYGAMES® Company

After ensuring all the requirements of games, it's time for you to share your game with us. You can share your game with us via an email after preparing it completely. The game should be shared in a zip folder with all the required images. Here is what you need to mention in the email.

  1. The Game's title
  2. Dimensions of your game, like 700x500
  3. USP or assets for marketing
  4. A URL that can be iframed on our website. This point is not necessary for HTML gamers.
  5. The archive link, which will include required game files like, .html, and .js.

So, if you have made your way from the requisites and the above-listed process, then it's time for some action. Get your specs on and land to our email to share a brilliant innovation by you. Email us at


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