Advertising your product here

Are you ready to get your product NOTICED?

Whatever your products or services are, you can get them in front of thousands of people when you share with our audience!

You might be wondering, “Why should I invest my entire advertising budget with your team? Can’t I just do this myself?”

We get that a lot, and most of our clients have no idea the complexity of our digital marketing process until after they work with us.

Many businesses are reluctant to invest in digital marketing, but the ones that do (possibly your competitors) see huge returns on their investment.

Our differentiating factor is simple: We have a large audience built already that is eager to learn about your product and services! In addition, we have a unique advertising model, putting your brand, products, and services directly into the games our users play!

They can’t ignore a pop-up banner or click away; your logo is right in front of them in a fun, engaging way!

But that’s not all we do. Through our advertising platform, you can create a diverse marketing strategy to advertise at various points of the user journey.

For example, you can create a YouTube commercial* to be played, include your logo in a game, and then follow up with an article on the News section of

The best part is we do all of this for you! You tell us what you need to advertise, and we’ll create a custom strategy for you!

Please contact us at for more details

* YouTube commercials and Google ads are served to all players except our Pro Gamers who pay to remove ads from the site. But we do offer other ways to make your product available to the Pro Gamers :)


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