Terms of CopyRights using ours Games on different URL

Are you colleagues and willing to pull out games to your site? and we will allow it as follows:

Free iframe

Sometimes there is a free gift in life :)
some games we holding can be used on your site as well using iframe.
You can copy the iFrame that we share and place it on your site.
some games not related to us. and we have a license, so it is your responsibility to make sure you have the copyright to use this game. (you can ask us first in the Contact Us forum)

Some games will be as trend-mark of Spicygames.com.
And present spicy-games logo as well.
If you wish to customize the game you can ask us and we let you know what it takes and the cost.
follow with our terms and conditions that ask you to give credit to SpicyGame® if we ask for it.
It is a forbidding task to personal use design or code from free games! IF YOU DO, WE TAKE ACTION AGAIN THAT!

Some links in games will lead the player to Spicygames.com.
If you will remove this button it will be a validation of our terms. And we do not agree to give your CopyRight

Monthly rental games with iFrame

Want to rent our exclusive boutique games from our studio to your business website?

We offer monthly rental for all the games at SpicyGames® in one single plan "Rent a game"

  1. Access to all games on the site except tournaments games
  2. Fully functional, complied games
  3. Deploy on ONE domain of choice (one website)
  4. No customization (game provider as-is)
  5. As long the plan is active you be able to use the iframe of the game
  6. Put access to your site URL only so no one can use this game except you
  7. Change this URL whenever you want
  8. For additional customization or requests, please fill in the CONTACT US page, or email info@spicygames.com - we will provide a custom price quote.

We don't charge much, because we also want you to have a cool game on your site :) the payment will be monthly Paid to us and not allow you to sell or rent a game to the third party.

You cannot change or replace Code, Design or trademarks of Spicygames.com see it as a window to our Site :)

If you will not stand these conditions you will force us to block your iframe access games and stop your plan...
For more details connect us

Full license and customization of the game

We can offer you full control and full right of use of the game you will purchase for a fair amount of money.

All trademarks will become yours and you will get the source code as well there you can replace the logo with yours. (If you need help we will do it for you)

You are able to change design and code and whatever you need.

However… we will appreciate it if you won't dispute this game and sell it to third-party for money or free… the game is for ONE site license only...! We forbid to share the game with other Domains
If you will do it, we know about it and will stop working with you in the future...

All this, will follow by us keeping our version of the game as well on spicygames.com site


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