Commenting Rules

Spicygames ® Always Values Your Opinions, but To Make Sure That Each of Our Player Enjoys the Site without Getting Hurt, We Have Set Some Rules For Comments Section:

General Policies for Commenting

Keep it Legal

  • You are not permitted to distribute obscene, defamatory, sexual, or other illegal stuff.
  • Users are not allowed to talk about illegal drugs.
  • Spicygames ® will not tolerate your requests for assistance in suicide and self-mutilation.

Accept Responsibility for your Actions

While using the comments panel, you are responsible for your words and actions based on the online information that you receive.


You are not allowed to comment for commercial purposes without taking prior consent of Spicygames ® , Inc. This includes advertising for external companies or spamming.

Please don’t share your personal information, such as credit card details and passwords online.

Official SpicyGames Comment Rules

General Briefing

Community Volunteer Team supports and moderates all official Comments Sections of Spicygames ® Precisely, #help denote the official Comments Sections that strictly adhere to Spicygames's Etiquette policy.

Spamming/Abusing Public Communication

  • Flooding and spamming is prohibited because it disrupts the comment flow for users.
  • Unsolicited ads posting for Spicygames ® Comments Sections, profiles, external webpage or copy/paste of large random texts is prohibited.

Harassment/ Use of Inappropriate Language

  • Players who use inappropriate language that in any way reflects sexual content, profanity, and explicit language, offensive remarks will be removed.
  • Users who either advocate or promote expressions of bigotry, racist, violence will be removed immediately.
  • Spicygames ® encourages members to deal with fellow players with due respect.

Unofficial Spicygames Comment Rules

Basic Information

Community volunteers are not involved in these Comments Sections except under specific conditions such as in cases of violation of Spicygames's comment policies and extreme abuse. Unofficial Comments Sections are user-created and depend on its founder for the rules and regulations. Founder and moderator of this Comments Section are responsible for maintaining order.

If you observe any abuse in the unofficial Comments Section, immediately contact the founder or moderator of the Comments Section.

Comments Section Content

  • Users are not allowed to create Comments Sections for sexual themes, sexual role play, cyber-sex, etc. Comments Sections with this content will be closed immediately, and users will receive punishment.
  • Comments Sections for self-Mutilation and suicide that encourage these practices is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are prohibited from sharing and distributing warez, cracks, or illegal software in Comments Sections.

Custom Group

  • Users are not allowed to use the terms ‘Admin’ or ‘Staff’ for their private Comments Sections, their founders, and operators.
  • Users are encouraged to adhere to set policies to avoid any misunderstanding and perversions in comments.
  • Users need to rename their Comments Sections if it has a name ‘Admin’ or ‘Staff’. Otherwise, your channel will be delisted.


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